Spaced Out

For years I have been a fan of space music.  Space music, you say?  Yes, space music.


It creates a sense of openness, a sense of the vastness of space in its slow – or absent – sense of rhythm, its ethereal tones and airy quality.  During this same time, I have been a rather-more-than-occasional fan of “Hearts of Space,” probably due to my predilection for the romance of extra-terrestrial travel and the incredible, unfathomable distances and terrible beauty of the outer reaches of the universe.

Sucks that HOS is now charging for access to its programming, other than a weekly play of its program.  Sucks even more that I was sucked in to PAYING for access to the weekly program anytime I want during the week.  But it helps me focus and get more work done.  Does this qualify as a deductible work-related expense?

If only wishing made it so.


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