Fish or Cut Bait

Now, not only is Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) rethinking his guilty plea to charges stemming from conduct in a Minneapolis airport men’s room, now he’s rethinking whether to resign as he had announced.

Good grief.  I mean, I know these have had to be wrenching decisions for him regardless of the veracity of the charges, but he’s going to give himself (and us) a serious case of whiplash changing directions like this.  It would also seem that people aren’t likely to have a whole lot of patience with this.  But, I could be wrong.

10 thoughts on “Fish or Cut Bait

  1. Well, you can comment here because I haven’t required registration and login for leaving comments, but you couldn’t at my Windows Live Space without a Windows Live ID.

  2. Must have been. Just to be sure, though, I double-checked to make sure that users do not have to be registered and logged in to comment. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. So…back to Larry Craig, quitting and unquitting and thinking and rethinking….it reminds me of Al Gore in the 2000 presidential unelection.

    So, I can sort of understand sexual fetishes and I assume bathroom sex is one of those…but ewwwwww. I don’t really think of a public toilet as being a particularly sexy place to be.

    There…I typed sex three now four times. That ought to get you some traffic!

  4. Did you read the transcript of the police “interview” with Craig right after his arrest? I’m not sure who is less articulate – the erstwhile senator or the police “interrogator”. Clearly this was not written by David E. Kelley, Dick Wolf or Steven Bochco.

  5. I did. For a seasoned undercover officer he either had an uncharacteristic attack of nerves dealing with a perp (maybe he could already see the extracurricular nonsense likely to evolve in the days ahead), or he suffers from a stammering problem. Either way, I didn’t get the sense that he really felt in control of the situation.

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