Holy Support Hose, Batman!

Adam West as Batman

Yes, it’s another birthday, this time for Batman.  Well, okay, not so much Batman as Adam West, who turns 79 today.  Though he has never really been able to escape his association with this particular role, in later life he seems to have made peace with it and has turned the 1960s Batman into a cult icon.

The caped crusader originally of DC Comics fame is actually only 68, making West reasonably well preserved.  Must be something in that tool belt – that, or all the time spent in tights and a leotard.  And the Boy Wonder?  Burt Ward, who played Robin, turned 62 in July.

My favorite thing about the Batman I remember as a kid?  You got it – the Batmobile!


5 thoughts on “Holy Support Hose, Batman!

  1. I am a newbie to this posting and bloging sites, but I have also started mine own. Anyways as to Adam West’s Batman character i also used to watch back in the beginning of the 80s, and yeah that Batmobile was one of my favorites, my hats off to Adam West and how he handled the DC character awesome in my personal opinion, Happy B day Mr West you truely brought out life into the Batman series. From a fan in Los Angeles.

  2. Adam West’s stint as Batman is probably one of the reasons why the legendary hero became a household name, even here in Asia.

    Though he ain’t as muscular and theatrical as the modern day Black Knights, Adam West was at the time the epitome of a masked crusader.

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  3. As much as I enjoyed the first couple of new Batman films, I still couldn’t let go of the only “real” Batman being Adam West. And the Batmobile – well, the 1966 is the only proper Batmobile, except that I was initially crushed to find out that it hadn’t started life as a Pontiac, but as a Lincoln – bleah! But I got over it – the 1955 Lincoln Futura was a pretty cool concept car for its time, and the early- to mid-1960s Continental convertible is a classic cruiser.

  4. When I was in college, Adam West’s stepdaughter was in my dorm and usually when there was a visitor for a student, it was announced overhead as a “caller” if the person was male and a “visitor” for a female but when he came to see his daughter, the person at the desk was so excited she announced overhead, “Batman is in the lobby!”

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