Not Funny

A young woman wearing a computer circuit board, wiring and what turned out to be Play-Doh, over the black hooded sweatshirt she was also wearing, was arrested this morning at Boston’s Logan Airport.

I don’t know if this was meant to be a protest of some sort, a prank, somebody’s twisted attempt at humor, or what.  No doubt we’ll find out more as time goes on but, as for me, it was just plain stupid.  That’s stu-pid, with a capital STU.

Not funny.  Not one bit.

Lucky she wasn’t shot.


One thought on “Not Funny

  1. Needless to say, the local media are wetting their pants with glee over this story, but from the less-frothing accounts I have read, she was not trying to provoke a response. She did, however, show an astounding lack of judgment to wear a breadboard with wires and such on her person at the airport.

    By the same token, the airport security people over-reacted more than a little, particularly once the media showed up and it became obvious that their response was a bit tweaked.

    The ones who are lucky she wasn’t shot are the cops, who would have had to explain why they killed an MIT student for wearing a sweatshirt.

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