Steel City Status Report

Airline delays have been much in the news in recent months.  I didn’t pay too much attention since I don’t do a lot of travelling, by air or otherwise.  Getting to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Portland, Maine last Friday (and Saturday, if that gives you any indication) made me a little more sympathetic, however.  I finally arrived at my hotel in Pittsburgh about 1:30 Saturday morning, only about nine hours behind schedule.  There was some good news, however; my bags both got here before I did, and I was treated to a nighttime view of downtown.  Coming through the tunnel under Mount Washington there was really not any hint of the downtown skyline but, as the guy next to me on the flight told me there would be, there was a pretty spectacular view of it upon emerging from the tunnel.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of time for sight-seeing, and being a few miles away from downtown makes it harder.  However, I was able to walk around the University of Pittsburgh campus, saw the Cathedral of Learning, and visited one of the landmarks I made it my goal to see, the Cathedral of Saint Paul.  Below is my photo of the 1962 Beckerath pipe organ that I also mentioned in my “Steel City Countdown” post:

1962 Beckerath Organ - St. Paul’s Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not bad considering the lack of adequate lighting, tripod, and, oh yeah, a lift so I could get the kind of shot from the Pipedreams web site.

Tomorrow it’s off to Fallingwater.  Hope the weather’s reasonably cooperative and I can post a photo or two and some reflections on my pilgrimage.


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