Fall 2007


It’s been an unusually warm fall here in southern Maine.  Fortunately, we have not had to endure the scorching weather and deadly wildfires that have recently plagued southern California.  But this month is the sixtieth anniversary of the 1947 forest fires in Maine that burned over 200,000 acres and left sixteen people dead.  Still, though it has been unusually warm, it has also been wet so fire dangers are low.  We can only hope southern California gets a break – soon.

The unseasonably warm weather means foliage has also been slow to turn color.  Our area was reported to be at or near peak color last weekend, with areas north of here already past peak.  As luck would have it, of course, we have also had rain and wind, so what color there has been is now on the ground.  But I took advantage of a warm, sunny afternoon Monday and took a few photos, including the one above.  Before too much longer we will enter the period of late autumn before winter sets in.  The trees will be bare and the fields brown – sounds bleak and depressing, I know but, truth be known, I love that time of year.  Shouldn’t be long to wait now.


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