We Gather Together

Rockwell ThanksgivingIt’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.  Like so many other holidays it has been almost, but not quite, completely overtaken by our consumer culture.  As a holiday grounded in thankfulness for the harvest, food is even more central to its celebration, and even more rigidly bound to a particular canon – roast turkey, potatoes, squash, cranberries, and pumpkin pie.  Every year cooking magazines and shows offer new ways to liven up these old culinary chestnuts, but it’s best not to stray too far from the classics lest you be branded a heretic.

In our time, for many, food has become something you buy and not something you nurture, grow, and harvest with the toil of your own hands, and has even become a form of recreation.  Thanksgiving as a holiday “experience” has, like nearly everything else, become a manufactured and marketed product.  Given this, what is the meaning of Thanksgiving today?

What does it mean to be thankful?

If you’re sharing Thanksgiving with family or friends, enjoy it.  If you’re traveling over the long holiday, travel safely.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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