Warms You Twice

Cord WoodIt’s been said that firewood warms you twice – once when you cut it, and again when you burn it.  Our firewood was delivered cut and split, but I haven’t missed out.  Stacking it, I worked up a pretty good sweat in our garage despite it being about 30 degrees F.

Along with the snow that came to our area Monday, the first snowfall of the season in southern Maine, winter heating season has arrived in good fashion.  Heating oil is nearly a dollar a gallon more than last year, and seasoned firewood is impossible to find.  We live in an old house and, even with the thermostats running the house at about 62 degrees F, our monthly heating oil budget plan payment is almost $600 a month.  So I was grateful for the warmth of stacking the wood, but this morning all I have (aside from a nice stack of wood in the garage) is an aching back, aching shoulders, aching neck, legs, hands, and – oh – wallet.


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