Slot Machines

Slot Cars
Nope. Sorry. This is not about the kind of slot machines you might find in Vegas, but this kind of slot machine, or slot car.

For me, anyway, this is the one of the greatest Christmas presents that was, and wasn’t. When I was maybe seven or eight I remember getting a slot car race track set for Christmas. I still remember it – Strombecker, with an orange Can-Am Chevy-Lola and another blue Can-Am race car model I can’t identify.  (Isn’t the Internet wonderful?)  Anyway, I remember my dad and I playing with it for hours. At some point, it wore out or I broke it. When I was a little older I moved on to a Tyco HO slot car set that I played with into my teens.

Last year, wandering around the mall at Christmastime, I saw a Carrera slot car set on sale and bought it. This year I took it out again and we’ve been having a really good time with it. As I have discovered, in the world of ‘serious’ slot car racing, the Carrera GO!! 1/43 scale series is considered a beginner’s set (though a good one). Even so, it was apparently good enough for a world record try for the longest slot car circuit, and more parts and accessories are readily found on the Internet.

It’s amazing how much fun our daughters and I have had watching little model cars go around and around – a little competition, a lot of time together. Not bad for so little an investment.

Merry Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Slot Machines

  1. Returning today to the same toy store where I bought the set last year I found another. It’s a different Carrera GO!! set, but the cars, track, and hardware are all interchangeable. Now I have about three times as much track as I had before, and twice as many of everyhing else. And it was 50% off! Just like last year.

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  3. Tony,

    Great story you posted above. I got back into slot cars a few years ago with my kid daughters after dusting off my old Eldon race set from the 60s. My daughters and I liked slot cars so much we started selling them on ebay and then on our own website: We’re flattered that you posted the picture of our home race set above and our two favorite cars. I took that photo about 4 years ago of our Scalextric Lolas. Hope you are still enjoying slot car racing. -Andy

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