Keeping The Demons At Bay

Make a habit, break a habit.  That’s what I said a couple weeks before New Year’s.   Having any luck?

With me it’s pretty much same ol’, same ol’, y’know.

I’ve been a little more conscious of the stress level in my life, and trying not to do things that add to it.  Honestly, though, I’m not sure I’m not just wimping out by not giving myself a hard time over things I need to change – eating less, exercising more (enough negatives to sort through, there?).  That kind of thing.  I can’t keep giving myself a pass.  Or can I?  I suppose I can, but the point at which I won’t be able to give myself any more passes will probably come sooner than it might have otherwise.

Morning and evening prayer have been more part of my routine the last couple of weeks than they have been, lo, these last couple of years.  But that’s not saying much.  If nothing else it helps me remember that there is a bigger reality than me, and I have all too much of a tendency to sink into my head.

Maybe it’s just cabin fever setting in.


One thought on “Keeping The Demons At Bay

  1. Hi Tony
    The thing about rummaging in our head is only the past.
    Unless you have changed any of the thoughts in your mind, you keep bringing up the past.

    When you learn to change your thoughts to something worthwhile like relaxing on a holiday or on the beach or some nature place, you feel better already. So when a thought comes look at it and ask if you really need to think about that at the moment other wise let it go past and exchange it with a relaxing thoughts. Cool hey

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