Blue Man Blues


As posted on BrianKaneOnline, the theatrical performance artists Blue Man Group are being sued by a man who attended a show in Chicago and was the subject chosen for the “Esophagus Cam” stunt.  He claims he was traumatized to the point of nightmares, and actually required dental work as a result of having the camera, “covered in food, liquid and grime from the Briar Street Theatre floor, including the thick blue paint used to cover the actors’ faces” put in past the uvula and causing a contusion to his esophagus.  He says, “I couldn’t eat, swallow, I could only have soft food. I had headaches, stomach aches, it was awful.”


I was the “Esophagus Cam” audience member at a BMG show in Boston.  I was a little taken aback by it, but the actors were careful to hold my head still and never actually put the camera in my mouth (though you could see the inside of my mouth on screen – a real treat, let me tell you).  I never felt like I was in any danger, and suffered absolutely NO ill effects from the experience.  As Brian says in his post, having an old high school friend who is intimately familiar with the operations of BMG, and having experienced it myself first hand, what I find awful is that this guy is trying to make a buck and save his sorry face at the expense of one of the most creative, and successful, groups to come along in a long time.

Sign me up as a witness for the defense.


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