More Cabin Fever

mr-tomato-face.jpgProof that cabin fever is reaching epidemic proportions: Mark Bittman featuring a tomato as “guest host, good friend and colleague” for his segment as “The Minimalist” on roasted tomato soup.

Talking to, and speaking as the voice of Mr. Tomato Face?  Clearly evidence this interminable winter has taken its toll.  Now I don’t feel so bad about being cranky:  I don’t talk to the vegetables (or think they talk to me).  But I do feel badly for Mark and hope he’s feeling better soon.

Seriously, the recipe sounds appealing and I’m really enjoying Bittman’s weekly videos.  I might try partially puréeing the soup and/or swirling in a bit of cream for a more uniform texture.  I’d want to be careful, though, not to get too far away from the underlying purpose of “The Minimalist” lest Mr. Tomato Face and his friends come after me.  Gotta watch out for those tomatoes, especially the ones wearing cheesy toupés.  (Watch the video.)


3 thoughts on “More Cabin Fever

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