Kaniktshaq Moritlkatsio Atsuniartoq*


*roughly translated as “look at all the f—ing snow.”  Yes, I know it’s March, and it’s Maine, and that complaining about the weather doesn’t serve any constructive purpose.

Too bad.

Yes, another 4 to 8 inches between tonight and tomorrow.  Someday, someday, it will be spring.

One thought on “Kaniktshaq Moritlkatsio Atsuniartoq*

  1. I was in Maine over the weekend and couldn’t believe how much snow there was in Auburn. In Maryland we have forsythia and daffodils blooming (just to give hope that yes, indeed, somewhere, somehow, spring is coming.)

    I’m seriously thinking of moving back to Maine but this past winter is not enticing me to do so!

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