College Tour 2008: Day Six

The final day of the college tour with our oldest daughter.  It’s been a long week, but a worthwhile and interesting experience.  Our last visit was to Columbia University, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Our trip in from New Jersey was uneventful, but we arrived just barely in time.  Columbia seemed in touch with its tradition, but it didn’t seem as oppressively present as it did at Princeton, much more like the other schools we’ve visited in that respect.

Columbia has more of a physical campus than you might think, being located in the city, but it was not unlike Georgetown or Seton Hall in that respect.  Columbia students all have to take a specific Core curriculum – different for engineering students and Columbia College (arts and sciences) students.  It is highly selective and offers need-based but no merit-based (or athletic, but that’s not really an issue for us) scholarships.

Our visit to Columbia was followed by an afternoon in the city, with an obligatory visit to H&M on Fifth Avenue, a walk by Rockefeller Center, a stroll through Central Park and some of the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we pack it all up and head home.


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