College Tour 2008: The Journey Home

No college visits today.  It’s time to go home.  Our companion (well, one of our companions, but more about that later) was a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL like the one pictured above.  Acquired temporarily through Budget Rent-A-Car, the Ford Fusion was a worthy mount for our tour of schools in the Washington, DC-Baltimore-Virginia and New York-New Jersey areas (coming from Maine, as we were).

Other than commercials, I had no pre-conceived notions about the Fusion.  It was an easy car to drive for the 1,400 miles we put on it over the week (it had 1,600 miles on it when I picked it up).  At 6’4″, I had the driver’s seat all the way back, so I’m not sure how it would have been for back seat passengers but, hey, it was just me and our oldest daugher on a college tour, right?  So, how much room did I need?

The Fusion is a car I would buy (or lease) without much (or any) hesitation.  There was no feature I was without, no flaw that got in the way.  The GPS plugged in where the cigarette lighter would have gone, and the iPod in the binnacle under the armrest.  If I were to buy (or lease) one, I would probably opt for the AWD version (and a slightly lower fuel economy rating as a result) for my wife’s benefit (since I still have my ’99 Suburban), and put up with the glossy black plastic that will show too much dust and too many fingerprints,  the stiff plastic on the console that is hard on the right knee after several hundred miles, and the instrument display is a little more basic than I would like.  Other than that, as our oldest daugher would say, “I’m a fan.”

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