The Other End of the Telescope, Part 2

Last August I was musing about the start of the school year and all the possibilities it represents.  The school year ends in a few weeks, in only a few months our oldest daughter will be applying to colleges and, before we know it, she will have gone on to the next stage of her life.  With two younger daughters still to get through high school (one still in middle school), it will be a little while before we completely enter the next stage of our lives, but I can’t help wondering:

Where did the time go?

One of my most vivid memories of the day our oldest was born was sitting in the hospital room with her, waiting for my wife to be brought back upstairs from the operating room.  For some time we just sat, me, somewhat sleep-deprived and dazed by all this, and our daughter, wrapped in a blanket in my arms, contentedly sucking on her hand.  It was the first of many conversations we have had, though all she really did at that point was listen.  Then, seventeen and a half years ago, the rest of life seemed so distant and indistinct.  Now, the “rest of life” doesn’t seem so far away, yet what the future holds is still not clear.  What is clear now is that those seventeen and a half years have seen more joy and happiness than anger, sorrow, or frustration, more promises kept than not, and that all of our daughters are well on their way to becoming people who will be able to deal with life on its terms.  I suppose that, at least in part, is where the time went.

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