Car Shopping – Ford Taurus AWD

Getting off the SUV trail for a little bit, we looked at the Ford Taurus, which is offered with all-wheel drive in both SEL and Limited trim.  Going in I expected to like the Taurus quite a lot – mileage not as good as some of the small SUVs, but not bad, with a spacious interior and large trunk.

Unlike some vehicles that drive “smaller” than they are.  The Taurus drives “bigger” than it is, and it’s already a decent-sized car.  Granted, we only had a brief time with the car, but it felt BIG.  It felt much like a friend’s dad’s 1973 Ford LTD, like driving your living room down the road, complete with fold-out sofa.

The design cues of the Taurus are contemporary Ford, trim and sleek with the three-bar chrome grill.  I expected it to feel as contemporary as it looks, but that turned out not to be the case.  Too bad, but we were only halfway through our list and more candidates awaited their turn.

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