Car Shopping – Ford Fusion AWD

After driving the Taurus we moved on to the Fusion, a 2009 in SE trim.  AWD is available only with the V6 with the SE or SEL packages.  Having lived with a front-wheel drive 2008 Fusion for a week this past spring, I knew pretty much what to expect; however, my wife really hadn’t had the opportunity to look it over before.

The Fusion we test drove was just as pleasant as the one I rented last April, not as roomy as the Taurus inside, but also not handicapped with a “frumpy” factor.  The Fusion’s trunk (without checking cargo volume figures) seems nearly as large as the Taurus’s, though the nose-low, tail-high attitude of the car does compromise outward rear vision somewhat.

The result so far for the sedans in our contest has the Fusion in the lead and the Taurus fading from view.

One more Ford product to go before we turn to our international contingent, the Escape.


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