Car Shopping – Chevrolet Equinox AWD

Okay, so, after looking at the two Jeeps and three Fords on one day (yes, just one day – sorry for the delay), we decided to look at the Chevy Equinox.  The Equinox was originally not part of our show, but was so appealing during the interview that we thought it just deserved a chance.

On first presentation the Equinox seems larger than it is.  The interior does nothing to dispel this notion, with an adjustable (reclining and fore-aft adjustments) rear seat, creating as much – if not more – rear seat leg room as the second row seat in my Suburban.  Gauges and controls are clearly laid out.  Much like our other contestants so far, the appointments are more utilitarian than luxurious.  The Equinox’s fit and finish is good and, despite the more utilitarian bent, is not uncomfortably spartan in execution.  As previously, the Equinox presented very well in this initial stage; however, its slightly lower fuel economy for what will be primarily a commuter vehicle works to its disadvantage.

Next up – the Honda CR-V.


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