Lessons from Canada

City hall in Halifax, Nova Scotia looks like a city hall is supposed to look.  As far as I’m concerned anyway.

I got back late Saturday night from a three day economic development and regional government fact-finding mission with other officials and business representatives from our region.  Having the opportunity to interact in some depth (though not for very long because we were always on the move) with local, regional, and provincial officials in Yarmouth and Halifax gave me a whole new appreciation for the forthrightness, industriousness, hospitality, and generosity of the Canadian people.

Nova Scotia, like the rest of Atlantic Canada, is faced with wrenching changes in its economy – not unlike Maine, only more so.  They seem to have internalized much more the need to work together to preserve and improve the quality of life and lifestyle for their communities, and to put aside trivial differences at least part of the time.

It was a very worthwhile trip, with lessons for our own region and our own community.  On a personal level, I learned that taking motion-sickness pills before (and during) a trip on The Cat (though the ship and the crew are just tremendous) is not a bad idea.  Not a bad idea at all.

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