I Can Has Cheezburger?

No.  Can’t has cheezburger.  At least not so often, or so many.  My last visit to the doctor made that painfully clear.

For what seems like nearly my entire life (so far, anyway) I have had a problem with my weight.  Not to extent some people do, but combine a slightly heavy body type, the fact that I’m tall, I work in a sedentary job, lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, enjoy cooking, and enjoy eating, it’s just not a happy result.

So, having my eyes bug out when I saw what the scale read at the doctor’s office (damn doctors office scales! they’re always off by at least thirty or forty pounds, maybe more!), I realized that I had to reverse the trend.  Everything else is fine – cholesterol (good and bad) and blood pressure (both pharmacologically aided, though, I have to add) – but my weight and exercise level are, respectively, too high, and too low.

So.  Cheezburger?  No thanks (pout).  How about a nice Slim-Fast and some fruit?  SF isn’t bad, and actually is reasonably filling.  And I also like fruit, so that’s not a problem.  I also don’t stick exclusively to that – – I’ll have another, more conventional but still lower calorie lunch on some days, and dinners, too.  But why is it the things that conspired to create this situation keep calling to me so?


Dark night of the soul, nothin!  I’m talking dark night of the stomach, here.

Pass the celery.

Meanwhile, the lolcats, lolruses, bukkit searches, and bad grammar keep me amused and divert my attention from my growling stomach.  Or perhaps I could just keep looking at this.

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