An Idle Thought

Anyone who’s read much of my blog knows that three of my favorite things are (No, not food, food, and food!  Stop that, you!), and not necessarily in priority order; Rush, motorcycling, and food.  Now what do Neil Peart, Alton Brown, and I (sorry, no link) have in common?  Well, at least two out of three.

I don’t know whether Alton Brown is a Rush fan.  I, however, really enjoy “Good Eats” and Alton’s “Feasting on Asphalt” series on the Food Network, and I could probably be enough of a Rush fan for both of us.  And having read Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider” and other articles about his concert and motorcycle touring, the motorcycling and music dimensions would be covered.  So it was against this backdrop that one of our daughters said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you and Neil and Alton could go riding together, find or cook some really great food, and just hang out?”  This was her answer, on my behalf, to the question “if you could have dinner with any famous person, historical figure, celebrity, etc., who would it be?”

Ummm, okay.  I’m not much for this whole fantasy thing, but I’ll admit having indulged the thought in the odd moment of free time here and there.  Riding is fun, both of these guys seem to have quirky, well-developed senses of humor, and apparently enjoy authentically good food.  What could be better?

I could just as easily have included Alex Lifeson (who’s celebrating a birthday today – Happy Birthday, Alex!) in this group as well since he is not only Rush’s legendary guitarist, but a motorcyclist (and private pilot – another interest of mine!), and a gourmet cook.  I have also been coming to a whole new appreciation of “La Villa Strangiato” after watching “Rush in Rio” but couldn’t very well have Neil and Alex along without Geddy.  So we’ll do that another time, eh?

Now, where to go….?


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