National Punctuation Day 2008

Happy National Punctuation Day!

What?  You didn’t know today was National Punctuation Day?!  Okay, well, neither did I until I read an article in this morning’s USA Today.  There’s still time to plan your NPD party, buy decorations, and have punctuation-themed snacks.  Cheese Curls often come in handy simple punctuation mark shapes.  Using more than one curl and/or Cheese Balls, you can create more complex punctuation marks.  Think of all the fun!

Of course, once all the fun subsides, you should take time to remember our abused and neglected friends in the punctuation mark family.  Personally, I try to root out apostrophe abuse everywhere I see it.  Please do what you can to help.  The need is real.  The time is now.

This is my blog and I approved this message.


2 thoughts on “National Punctuation Day 2008

  1. I’m sorry, but it was yesterday, actually. Don’t worry, though, because, like Christmas you can celebrate it really anytime that’s convenient. And I’ll bet you can even get NPD decorations and favors on sale!

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