Break’s Over

So things were pretty slow on RA last week, taking a breather from wave after wave of economic and political news, taking time to say goodbye to a friend, and taking time to enjoy the all-too-brief beauty of mid-autumn in Maine.

Over the weekend time was spent working the concession stand at youth soccer games and having to get updates on our eldest daughter’s varsity field hockey playoff game by text message (they lost 2-1), getting kids to and from various events and work, meeting members of next year’s travel softball team, and thinking more about getting ready for winter.  Thinking about it?  Yes.  That means thinking, “Hmm, guess I should put the storm windows down soon” or “Look at all those leaves.  Suppose I should do some raking before I mow the lawn one more time (or before I have to put the snowthrower on the tractor and plow the driveway).”  Those kinds of things.

This weekend also saw a more pronounced shift of season in the kitchen.  Yesterday’s dinner was more typical of colder outdoor temperatures and shorter days; slow-roasted Boston blade pork roast, garlicky white beans with thyme, and roasted Dijon mustard-glazed carrots. 

As I have a few times over the last few years, I also started a batch of homemade “mock” aquavit – this year with toasted fennel, caraway, and coriander seeds, orange peel and a few cloves in a jar infusing a bottle of Scandanavian vodka.

Before too much longer the holidays will be upon us and winter will have us in its grip for the next few months.  All of this will, of course, give us plenty to write about and talk about.

Oh yeah, there’s also an election coming up.


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