The Hype Index


Every time the financial markets go down, there is an unseen struggle to find the words to express what just happened.  When the markets go up… wait!  They go up?!  Yes, like they did Friday, shortly followed by going down again, much like a toy submarine in a bathtub.  Slumped, plunged, plummeted, tanked, cratered, you’ve heard them all.  No worries, though.  It seems like writers haven’t quite run out of metaphors.  Yet.

Yes, the markets are up and down, and there seems to be no shortage of Chicken Littles around telling us the sky is falling.  Maybe it is, but working ourselves into a panic isn’t likely to change that.  There are certainly enough reasons for anxiety without all these people telling us we need to be worried.  I think we’ve got it covered.

Besides, Brian is right.  Kittens are better.


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