A Colonial Christmas

georgewashingtoncolonialsYou might remember this last April our eldest daughter and I took a trip to visit a number of universities in the Washington and New York areas. Last month she applied early decision to the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University. The tension level continued to rise, awaiting the mid-December decision date.

Last week she told us that admissions decisions would be posted after 5 p.m. Wednesday night. She was working until 8, so we had to go a few more hours not knowing. I picked her up at work, and nothing was said about it. Shortly after we got home, she went to the computer and I heard a trembling voice with tears, and joy, and laughter, “I got in! Omigodomigodomigod!”

She left the computer on all night to make sure it hadn’t changed, and we printed out the message on the screen, “Congratulations on your admission to GW! We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the
George Washington University community” to hang on the refrigerator (where else do all the important and exciting things go??). I could not have been happier for her at that moment.

For most people who know her, this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise but, even though she presents herself well and appears confident, there is still part of her that is convinced she isn’t good enough. So this was really big for her (and for us). Of course, other aspects of this new reality will sink in over the coming weeks and months, but I cannot remember a time when I was so happy, relieved, and proud all at the same time.

Following the initial excitement of last week’s news we awaited the notice in the mail.  After being delivered to another family (who, fortunately, we had some connection to through another student at the high school), on another road, neither of which have names similar to ours (a matter I will be taking up with the local postmaster), we got the official “Offer of Admission” in the embossed blue folder.  Along with the congratulatory letter from the dean of undergraduate admissions and letter from the dean of the Elliot School was another folder.  This folder, with a portrait of George Washington on it, contained the really important paperwork – the letter of intent to be signed and returned along with a check for eight hundred wallet-sized portraits of George Washington.

It’s only the beginning, I know.  But, as friends of ours said in their Christmas card, at least our daughter already got her Chrismas wish.


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