Another Refill?


Saw this video while Stumbling about the other night.  It’s an interesting little film, only about eight and a half minutes, but I was impressed with how much went into it, and then amazed that it’s been around since 2000.  Not so amazed that it won awards, and I’ll leave the more learned critique to those who know more about film than I do but, if you haven’t seen it, give David Ward‘s “Sixty Cups of Coffee” a look.

As for that refill, I think I’ve had enough.


One thought on “Another Refill?

  1. Looking through my old posts* I found that it would take about 180 cups of coffee to kill me. This guy is clearly a lightweight – only 60 cups! Wimp.

    *Funny that StumbleUpon should figure in that post, too.

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