Not at a Showroom Near You


Cadillac has officially taken the wraps off the new presidential limousine which, until now, has been the subject of some speculation based on spy photos.  As was the case with previous news stories and posts about the new chief executive’s car, the comments I have seen are mostly spew from Obama-bashers, sadly much of it racially tinged.  As I pointed out in my last post on this topic, this would have been the new limo for either President Obama or President McCain (in which case, let me guess, we’d be hearing some of the same people trumpeting what a wonderfully appropriate hairy-chested conveyance the new limo was, but, as usual, I digress), since it has been in the works for months.

Anyway, back to the car.  In its final form, with a complete paint job and all, I find the new Cadillac (GMC TopKick) based limo to be a more well-integrated design than its predecessor.  The proportions of the windows and roofline are more in keeping with the rest of the car, instead of appearing to have been dropped onto something slightly too small for it.  It’s hard to tell just how large the new limo is without something to provide a sense of scale, but the whole car has a more consistently solid (even chunky) appearance.  The thick window pillars don’t look as out of place as they do on the DTS-based 2005 limo, the higher beltline offsetting some of the mass of the armored greenhouse, and the more angular contemporary Cadillac grille and headlight trim is consistent with the blockier, less lithe lower body.

The overall effect still isn’t what I would call elegant, but I think the final result is more balanced.  And in any case, if none of its no-doubt advanced and impressive security and safety features ever have to be used, I’m okay with that, too.  It’ll be interesting to see it in the parade next Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Not at a Showroom Near You

  1. I saw that. I thought the illustration was a little on the creepy side, though, and I have to wonder how much of that is speculation. Neat nevertheless, and I’m a sucker for trivia about the presidency.

    • Mileage? Mmm, not so much. From what I’ve read, due to the limo’s weight and being based on the GMC TopKick medium-duty truck platform, its 6.6 liter diesel will get about 8 mpg. Of course, crawling along at parade speeds doesn’t help, either, but at least you could run it on bio-diesel to make it just a little green around the edges.

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