Standing in the Light of Truth

A solitary figure
Shoulders slumped, eyes downcast
Stands in impenetrable darkness

There is no time
And no space
Only unknowing

Unapproachable light pierces the darkness
Burning away
All that weighs down the shoulders, all that saddens the eyes

Arms outstretched
And eyes raised
There is truth

3 thoughts on “Standing in the Light of Truth

  1. Good morning. Intersting observations. In this world of competing ideologies, there is absolute truth that has been from everlasting. Jesus is the way the truth and the light.


    • This image has been in my head since taking part in an Ignatian retreat a few years ago with Psalm 51 as the subject of our lectio divina one week, but the words didn’t come until today. I was also reminded of a passage in Thomas Merton’s “Contemplative Prayer” about his notion of “existential dread,” “the profound awareness that one is capable of ultimate bad faith with himself and with others: that one is living a lie.” The references to “unknowing” and “unapproachable light” are clearly Christian in origin, but the way this came to me it seems this could be accessible to others as well. Thanks.

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