French Toast Alert!


From the look of the weather I’d say my friends in the Boston area should be heating up their griddles to make mountains of French toast.  Those of us here at Rummaging About would like to offer this recipe as a public service, though as part of our own snow emergency response plan we would prefer to make a nice chowder instead.

4 thoughts on “French Toast Alert!

  1. Once again, they slightly overestimated this storm. We were supposed to see 8-10 inches of snow but probably got closer to 5 before it turned to rain. South of the city got even less, I understand.

    After you and Jo BOTH posted about making clam chowder, I felt compelled to make a batch myself last week. We’re not much for French Toast around here.

  2. The forecast here was for 10 to 15 inches. We probably had 10 or 12 before it started to rain, and was only around 8 when I went out to plow the driveway. But I did make a big pot of cream of mushroom and barley soup for a lunch at work today, so it wasn’t a complete disappointment.

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