This is usually a pretty quiet place, with about fifty-ish views a day, nothing too exciting.  In the days leading up to the inauguration, though, visits about doubled, and then dropped off just as quickly, as though the excitement bubbled over into everything else and then we had to collectively sleep it off.  Still, it made for pretty predictable daily stats, and the scale of the graph was narrow enough that even a couple of views could make it look like a big day.

Until January 30th, anyway.

January 30th ran a story about Rudy Giuliani saying that all those obscene executive bonuses (paid for with taxpayer dollars, you understand) were what kept the economy going, especially for restaurants and department stores in NYC.  It was more than I could stand and I ranted about it, with my link to the story landing it on the CNN Politics page.  371 views that day (yeah, yeah, I know – stop laughing up your sleeve over there), 297 of them on that one story, and 27 comments. It was a big day for me and now it just seems, well, you know… quiet.

I guess you just never know what’s going to strike a nerve.  Except now my daily stats graph really illustrates how little usually goes on around here.  At least until January 30th drops off the graph in about three more weeks.  Amazing how addictive those page views are.


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