Lincoln’s Birthday


Never, it seems, far from popular American consciousness, Abraham Lincoln has been even more in the news over the last months for his assembly of political and personal rivals in his Cabinet as our 16th president, and how the 44th might try to do the same.  I have not read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals, but from what I know of it, there are some parallels, but probably not enough to justify the hype.  In any case, a president seeking to emulate Lincoln could certainly do far worse; that he is still relevant today is proof enough of his enduring greatness, and makes observing the bicentennial of his birth that much more worthwhile.

One thought on “Lincoln’s Birthday

  1. lincoln’s life has inspired not just the american people but the entire world. his leadership is worthy of emulation, his wisdom is deep, his belief is firm and resolve so strong that he brave through challenges to become the greatest president in american history.

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