Zzzzzz…. What?


Wha?!  Hm?  Oh, sorry.  Must’ve dozed off, there.  Actually, I have to confess, I have been spending time on Facebook.  Don’t know why, exactly, since the connection to people I have not been in touch with for many years is still only virtual – not even any real conversation, just having them appear on my list of “friends.”  Some parts of it are fun, but are little more than time wasters.  I’ll probably stick around for a while, though, especially now that FB has rescinded its ridiculously overreaching terms of service policy.


2 thoughts on “Zzzzzz…. What?

  1. Now that I’ve been on FB for a month, I don’t see what makes it such a big deal. It’s fine for checking one or two times a day to see what people are up to, but you are right in that there is no real conversation to speak of. It’s where all the people who don’t have enough to say to keep a blog going end up. After you’ve looked up all your long-lost high school and college buddies, there’s just not that much to hold ones interest.

    I’ll definitely continue to check up on it, but it turned out to be much less interesting than I had been led to believe. Give me a good blog any day.

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