(Almost) Back from the (Almost) Dead


So the kid got her driver’s license a few weeks ago.  And to think we thought it would be easier.  It is, at times.  But, more often than not, it means I end up without.  Even though our daughter hasn’t yet learned to drive a manual, my wife has.  Buying another car to solve this particular problem isn’t really an option (at least I would prefer to think not).  Instead, I spent about a hundred dollars on a new battery for our old Volvo station wagon.

The family car thrice removed (succeeded by the Audi wagon, M-B wagon, and Ford Escape) only has about 169,000 miles on it (just broken in, really, from a time when Volvos were really Volvos, not Fords with a funny accent) and some minor body damage on the driver’s side, and hasn’t been run in the last five years, but is still basically sound.  Took only two tries to start it after spending an extended nap in the barn.  Now if only I can get it refreshed, registered, and inspected, we may have a safe car for someone else to use.

Of course, the someone else will probably be me, since our daughter has told us, “If you think I’m going to drive THAT, you’re CRAZY!” (with apologies to Robert Munsch).  At least my commute is only six miles, and I have another vehicle I can use for official business.


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