Facebook Ate My Blog


January 29, 2009.  The day I joined Facebook.  Ten posts in January, eight in February, seven in March, and, so far, um, none in April (until now).  Of course there have been other things to occupy my time – budget woes resulting from the economic downturn, tax forms, financial aid forms, other work-related trials and tribulations.  But clearly the amount of time I have been spending on Facebook commenting on other people’s status, playing Word Challenge and Pet Society, and making lists of various things five at a time has contributed to the dust collecting on my blog.  Not that the diversions on FB are all that diverting, nor that my blogging is all that exciting, but I’m left to wonder – well, not really.  I was going to say that I wondered why I was spending time on Facebook instead of blogging, but I know why.

A quick status update, or a comment, or picking five favorite cheeses, all take very little time.  Writing a blog post involves much more time, what with trolling around for an idea (unless one either presents itself in the morning news or pops into my head), finding appropriate art work and links, and thinking through whatever the issue is to develop some kind of perspective.  Facebook is the quick hit and doesn’t lend itself to more thoughtful writing and discussion (like you should expect to find those here!).  Anyway, it’s not that I don’t like Facebook, but I don’t like that I’ve allowed it to absorb any of the time I might otherwise have spent finding things to write about on my blog.

I’ll try to be a little more diligent in meeting the expectations of my .37 readers per day.

Happy Tuesday.

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