Open House


From today’s open house at Whitehorse Gear in Center Conway, New Hampshire.  This is the second real “motorcycle gathering” I’ve been to – not to be confused with a “biker” event (two very different things – not judging, just saying).  Good deals (Riding in the Zone and Roadshow), good company, good food and, at least while there, good weather.

Since taking a  Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course in 2006 I have found it interesting to note how people relate to you when you arrive on two wheels instead of four.  Some are curious, some seem intimidated, some even a little scornful (I mean, let’s be real:  Despite my rationalization of the motorcycle as transportation, it’s a hobby, a form of recreation, an extravagance).   One of the things I have come to like the most about taking up this hobby, though, is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

It’s fuzzy, but my friend Don is in the middle of the photo below, along with our new acquaintance, Ziggy.  Turns out Ziggy is from Germany, keeps a motorcycle there when he’s visiting family, teaches English and German, translates books, and lives in our area.  Contact information exchanged, and the possibility of more riding ahead.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


(BTW, my bike is the third from the left.  I am conveniently not in the photo.)


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