Even More Than a Grecian Urn

ferrari_rm_auction1.03Yeah, see, “What’s a ’57 Ferrari worth?” just doesn’t provide the setup.  But even adjusting for inflation $12 million is a lot more than 20 drachmas after taxes.  And after spending $12 million for this piece of rolling automotive art history, do you suppose anyone would actually drive it? Probably not, which is a shame, because as beautiful as some classic cars may be as static objects, they really have to be seen, heard, and smelled in action for their real art to be appreciated.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and find out that Jay Leno is the buyer, in which case we might see and hear (but not smell, not over the Internet, anyway) this car the way it was intended – being driven in a segment of “Jay Leno’s Garage“.

(See this post at Autoblog for a really nice photo gallery.)