Let the Festivities Begin

cap-and-gownThe week of graduation festivities has begun.  Last night baccalaureate, rehearsals and last minute preparations every day, senior awards Thursday night, class day Friday, really last minute prep Saturday, and graduation itself Sunday after any really really last minute adjustments right up until they start playing “Pomp and Circumstance” (Sir Edward Elgar Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D Major, Opus 39, with the relevant passage starting around 2:33, depending on the performance).

As student council president and senior class president, our eldest has been up to her eyeballs in all of the logistics and preparations for all of the graduation week events.  One of the lessons she (and others, no doubt) has learned throughout this experience is that many of the people who say they want to be involved are nowhere to be found when there is actual work to be done.  Such is life, and it isn’t like this is the first time she has run into this particular behavioral trait.

It isn’t as though I/we didn’t see this coming, but finally finding ourselves at this point I’m not quite sure what to think.  I could get all sentimental about it, and probably will at some point.  Those of you who know me won’t be at all surprised at that – in fact, would be far more surprised if I didn’t.  And I don’t want to dwell on it being akin to the line in Pink Floyd‘s “Time,” “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”  But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a time when I find myself wondering “how did I get here?”


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