Closer and Closer


As a follow up to my previous post on the graduation week marathon, an update:  Tonight is senior awards night.  It’s a cap and gown affair, I understand.  Other than that, I’m not quite sure what to expect.  Our eldest will be sporting an array of cords and stoles as well, class officer, student council, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, Key Club, four-year field hockey athlete, etc., etc.  I told her to be careful not to walk too closely to any of her classmates lest they end up all tangled up on the floor.  Now multiply that by about 200 and you’d have yourself a real knot to undo.

Tomorrow is class day and another round of presentations and awards.  Saturday will be all about getting ready – housework, yard work (though I don’t know why, since the graduation isn’t actually at our house, but I do not argue…. much), before the event itself on Sunday.  We’ll have to go back to work on Monday just to catch our breath.  And be amazed at where those eighteen years have gone.


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