From the Bookshelf – June 2009

Thunderbolt KidNow I can legitimately claim to have read three of Bill Bryson’s books, having finished reading The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid over the weekend.  It had been a while since I read A Walk in the Woods and In A Sunburned Country, so I was happy to re-engage with Bryson’s witty descriptions of the ordinary…. and not so ordinary.

Excerpts of the book appear here (courtesy of NPR, where there is also an interview) and here (courtesy of Campaign for the American Reader).

While happy to be  in the company of Bill Bryson’s writing again, writing that  Scott Simons described as combining “exquisite detail and inspired exaggeration,” and another reviewer as being similar to Jean Shepherd‘s, I found myself tiring of it toward the end.  Even so, Thunderbolt Kid is fun and an interesting look inside one person’s experience of growing up in mid-century America.

Next up:  I Am America and So Can You! by Stephen Colbert.


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