Summer 2009, Part 2

Now that summer 2009 is officially underway, what do we do with it?  Well, I don’t know what you’re doing with it (though I’d be interested to hear), but we’re spending ours doing all the things I listed in Part 1.  After spending the week after town meeting essentially getting ready to go on vacation (which was almost enough to convince that going on vacation wasn’t worth it), we took our eldest to Colonial Inauguration at GW.  The weather was a pleasant surprise – warm, to be sure, but not the famously muggy DC summer weather – and the program was interesting, informative, and entertaining.  Getting to see the city by night from the top of the Elliott School of International Affairs after a performance by The Capitol Steps was a nice treat.

Our return from Wasington, DC also brought us home to the “June monsoon,” a seemingly undending stretch of cool, gray, drippy weather.  Most days it doesn’t rain all that much, but we get showers, some drizzle, mist, fog, and only an occasional (and apparently unpredictable) break of sun and refreshing breeze.   To say the weather has put a damper on things would be an understatement.  Softball tournament schedules squeezed and shuffled around to fit the gaps in precipitation.  The motorcycle ride for the last day of the Great North Woods Ride-In?  Washed out.  The weather did relent long enough to spend part of the day in Portsmouth with my friend Brian, and to see a softball game yesterday.  The weather outlook for the remainder of this vacation?  Depressingly familiar.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2009, Part 2

  1. When we left Raymond this morning, we remarked that your ride was probably off. Guess we were right. But at least it was a nice day yesterday for the softball tournament and for those of us who gathered at Suzanne’s parents’ camp.

    Now excuse me while I go scrape off the fungus.

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