Is It Finally Summer?


After weeks of cold, rainy, drippy, foggy, dismal weather it seems as though summer may have finally arrived.  While we are, no doubt, happy to see the sun for a change, having it show up more than a week into July is little comfort to berry growers, farmers trying to get their hay put up for the winter, or tourist-oriented businesses that rely on outdoor venues and activities.

For us it means softball practices and tournaments that might actually follow the posted schedule, track meets that aren’t endlessly rescheduled, and being able to take the motorcycle out more than once every two weeks without getting soaking wet.


Summer 2009, Part 3

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

Though the unsettled weather pattern doesn’t seem to have departed completely, today was almost enough to make you forget how dismal it has been for the last two, three weeks or more with little relief.  Fort Williams Park was crawling with people today; everyone, it seemed, happy to be out and about in the sunshine.  Even with all the visitors enjoying the view of Portland Head Light, Casco Bay and its islands, it was a great opportunity to break out the camera, enjoy the sights, and forget that this is the last day of vacation (for now, anyway).

Portland and Casco Bay from Fort Williams Park

Portland and Casco Bay from Fort Williams Park

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Summertime (Vacation) Blues

The weather lately sucks.  Even my mother-in-law said so, and she just doesn’t say things like that.

blecchI know it doesn’t do any good to complain, of course, but I can’t help it.  As Mark Twain said, “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”  Well, nobody else has any motivation beyond the things that are already scheduled and limit our ability to do anything else, either.  I can’t even go outside and work in the yard fercryinoutloud.  By the time I get to mow the lawn I’ll have to put the mower on stilts.

If I were clever I’d some up with weather and vacation frustration related lyrics to “Summertime Blues.”  As it is, I’ll settle for a few minutes’ escape by watching and listening to it (here, here and here).