Summer 2009, Part 5

Reid State ParkThree weeks from today we pack our eldest daughter and as much of her stuff as we can fit in the car and take her to Washington, DC to begin her freshman year at George Washington University.  Between now and then there also will be much effort to cram in as much summer as we can.  That same week, my wife has to go back to her school to get ready for students, though our two younger daughters won’t have to start until the following week.  Next week, I’m taking some time off so maybe we can do a few things as a family before the college-bound one makes the rounds of all the going away gatherings of her friends and classmates.

The weather looks like it will cooperate, mostly, for another try at summer vacation next week.  With any luck I’ll get to take the motorcycle to a few places I haven’t been with it yet, or haven’t been to lately, and we’ll do some of things I talked about all the way back at the beginning of this summer.

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