MP3 and Me, A Follow-Up

A couple weeks ago I posted about finally getting an MP3 player (no, not an iPod – must you be that way?), being the technology daredevil that I am.  Though the other accessories I ordered didn’t arrive at the same time, I was able to load up enough music and charge the battery on the Fuze to take it to an all-day track and field meet.  I am pleased to say that it worked flawlessly.  Except for discovering that I had ripped my entire Windows Media Player library in a format not compatible with the Fuze (Windows Media Audio Pro. Who would have thought that “pro” would turn out to be a bad thing?), and having to re-rip all those CDs, emptying out the center console of the Jeep of all those jewel cases was a breeze.

Organbient Longform Ambient Compilation, Volume I

One thing I have found about the Fuze is that putting music on in WMA takes up a fair amount of space.  With only about 350 “songs” on it I have burned through the built in 4GB of memory and about another 2GB of the 8GB microSD card I put in it.  Of course, it doesn’t help that 22 of those “songs” are tracks from “Organbient Longform Ambient Compilation, Volume 1” from Blue Water Records.  The tracks range from just over thirty minutes in length to over an hour and a half.  So that’s got to be worth about another 250 songs worth of space.

My Fuze doesn’t have the cool touch screen of our daughter’s iPod Touch, or WiFi, or games, but for me it fits the bill very nicely.  And if you’re interested in ambient music, let me recommend Blue Water Records and the Internet radio station  Happy listening.


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