Summer 2009, Part 6

Summer Sets in MaineFor nearly all intents and purposes, summer is over.  Yes, yes, I know it is still warm out and the autumnal equinox is still a month away, but our schedule says summer is over.  Last week my wife, an elementary/middle school teacher, was back in her classroom most days getting ready for the new school year.  Our eldest daughter was busily organizing, purging, and packing in between get-togethers with friends before everybody leaves for their freshman years of college.  Our middle and youngest daughters have been working to finish summer homework (!) that they intended not to wait until the last minute to finish.  The last couple of weeks have also been taken up with high school soccer pre-season, with our youngest making the JV squad.

Granted, much of my perception of the dividing line between summer and fall has to do with the school calendar.  Except for 1985-86, and the five years I was too young to go to school, I have lived my life following the rhythm of the school calendar in one form or another.  Much the same could be said of most people, I imagine, whether they have children, work in the schools, are the partner of someone who works in schools, whether they are children, or whether they are just stuck, fuming, behind a school bus because they should have left for work ten minutes earlier.  Yes, the rhythm changes, and summer becomes fall without waiting for the equinox.

This fall will bring bigger changes for us, and no doubt will come with adventures (and things to write about) of its own.


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