Still Blog with Life


Several weeks ago I set out to write about our experience of taking our eldest daughter to college (see my previous post).  For some reason I had the hardest time figuring out just what to say and how to say it, and I’m still not happy with it.  And it wasn’t just that.  The start of a new school year, soccer games, dealing with the afore-mentioned daughter getting settled in a new, almost completely unfamiliar place, work, and, well, life in general made posting on my blog seem meaningless and ultimately futile.  And so it is, but I’ll get over it.


2 thoughts on “Still Blog with Life

  1. I found myself wishing you had photos to go along with your story. I realize you probably were so occupied with what you were doing that you didn’t take pictures, but that was my reaction as I was reading it. A picture of Ted Kennedy’s funeral procession would have been really good, since that was a particularly unique moment.

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