Still Not Getting It

QuestionI’m still not getting it.  I don’t understand why we aren’t jumping all over the idea of health care (not just health insurance) reform as one of the best ideas since sliced bread instead of throwing up barriers based on fear and falsehood.

As a nation we spend nearly double the per capita average of OECD nations on health care.  That’s double the amount, per capita.  That mean it includes the 46 million, 47 million, 50 million, or however many million we count without health insurance.  And let’s be clear:  Just because someone doesn’t have health insurance doesn’t mean they don’t get health care.  It just tends to be delivered disproportionately on an emergency basis, therefore costing more and ending up with more of those costs being passed on to everyone else through higher health care costs and health insurance premiums.

We could spend 20% more than the OECD average, both to make up for the eastern European and Latin American countries’ far lower figures and to allow for more research and higher rates of medical provider payment, and still spend less than half what we do now.  That would free up, not cost, but free up more than $1 TRILLION that is already in the economy.  That’s $1 TRILLION a year that could be redirected to other purposes, and we would still have a better, more efficient health care system, health care for everyone, and potentially better outcomes.  So why are we even talking about how much more health care reform will cost??  Because that trillion dollars of freed up cost is going into someone’s pockets right now, that’s why.  Sorry to be so cynical, and while recognizing that there are many complexities to effective health care reform, when you get right down to it, how could it be anything else?

How is this not a no-brainer?


2 thoughts on “Still Not Getting It

  1. What I’m hoping is that the “always” isn’t quite so ironclad, but then I think I’ve always been a bit of a naive idealist.

    Beyond that, I don’t understand how both sides (or at least those who appear to be on opposite sides, though they are both being influenced by the same forces) can insist that health care reform will cost any money at all. All it should do is shift the money around and eliminate a significant amount of the cost.

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