Thanksgiving Begins

Our eldest is home from college Wednesday night.  We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, except for the time when we stayed home and had my wife’s sister over.  She was dealing with having her first Thanksgiving without the kids following her divorce.  This time it’ll be the five of us and our girls’ grandparents, my wife’s parents and my mother.

Today I bought the turkey and will decide whether to brine it in the next day or so.  With the two packages of turkey thighs and assorted aromatics I made turkey stock as a base for the gravy.  Tomorrow I’ll probably make the mashed potatoes and squash, and fresh cranberry sauce.  Sounds boring, I know, but of American holidays Thanksgiving is the one most about the food, and with the least room for variation lest one be branded a heretic (as I have observed before).  Goodness knows there are enough other reasons for my being hunted down with pitchforks; I don’t need to make messing with Thanksgiving one of them.


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