Thanksgiving Ends

Thanksgiving weekend ends much as it began, with a trip to the airport.  As nice as it was to have our eldest home for a few days, it was harder to drop her off today than it was when we took her to college in August.  The good news is that she successfully navigated the Metro, the airport express bus, and the airport both ways.  Even better, she’ll be home again in three weeks and we might actually be able to spend more than a few hours in each others’ company.

We actually got nearly all of our Christmas shopping done this weekend, made our usual trip to a local garden center for warm cider, cookies, and wreaths, and managed neither to spend all the money we had nor put ourselves any deeper in debt.  The exterior of the house is now as decorated as it gets – two wreaths on the front doors and one on the back porch, and a garland with white lights around the lamppost.  Inside we’ve begun to bring Christmas down from the attic, starting with the Advent wreath and candles.  We’ve gone by houses in the last few days (even a couple before Thanksgiving) that were completely decked out for Christmas.  I’m thinking you really need to pace yourself or you’ll end up in Christmas overload with at least a week to spare, let alone getting all the way to the end of the season on January 6th.

Thanksgiving week always messes me up.  Wednesday feels like Friday, Thursday feels like Sunday, Friday and Saturday both feel like Saturday, and on Sunday I realize that tomorrow is Monday and I have to get back to the real world.  Can’t imagine what a week or two of vacation at Christmastime might do.


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