The Second Day of Christmas

Boxing Day, the feast of St. Stephen, the second day of Christmas, or just the 26th of December.  Depending on your point of view today is any – or all – of these.  After all the work, all the build up, I simply cannot have Christmas be only one day.  And, truthfully, Christmas is more than one day for many who celebrate it anyway.  It often isn’t possible to have everyone together on the same day, and we organize gatherings according to the various circles of our lives – co-workers, friends, and family.

Last weekend we spent time with friends in Orono, the previous Thursday we had an employee appreciation/holiday lunch at work, spent Christmas morning at home, the rest of the day with my mother, and will spend tomorrow with my wife’s family.  The decorations will remain up until after New Year’s.  Then the Christmas tree will come down, as will all of the other decorations, until January 6th, when the 12 days of Christmas will end.  On that day we will light the candles – or whatever is left of them – that started with one candle on the first Sunday of Advent, way back on November 29th.


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